Resolving and avoiding conflicts

We strive to be honest with our clients regarding their contractual and commercial position at the start of commission and do not initiate any process until all risks and benefits have been considered. Our policy is to discuss with them the specific customer claim goals and then make recommendations on how to achieve them

Change and risk management

Our ability to take on specific roles within the FIDIC, JCT and NEC/EEC portfolio of contracts in relation to change control and project risk management is essential to the smooth running of your projects. From our early engagement, even under the ECI stage, we can adopt a pioneering change management and risk mitigation strategy. This ability also enables us to help you take advantage of any perceived opportunity within the scope of the project.

Contract and project management

In our company, we seek to analyze contracts and provide advice to our clients to write a construction contract in proportion to the type of project and the interest of our clients. We also care about project management to ensure speedy completion and the lowest costs

Study and evaluation of contracts

Review and make recommendations to the owner on any proposal or contract submitted for approval from potential consultants and other project participants. Review and make recommendations to the owner regarding all bids or contracts for design, technical and other consultants

Development management

We understand how to make capital investments thrive. Our expert analysis provides unique insights that help clients make more informed decisions. From design to construction, from financing to sales, our advice adds value at every stage

Project financial audit

Our deep commercial experience enables us to work to your project specifications and budget, and due to our unique and particularly flexible structure, we are able to work actively with our clients and stakeholders to investigate how to adapt material specifications or budget standards to meet the final requirements. Delivery needs to ensure that the best value is achieved in every development.

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