Project financial audit

  • Establish a cost accounting system, records and procedures that will allow the provision of accurate and meaningful cost information

  • Establish procedures for reviewing and approving payments for all accounts receivable and payable

  • Before temporary payment is recommended by the Owner to contractors or other project participants, all payment requests are reviewed to verify that such requests and invoices are fully and correctly documented.

  • Check all items included in each provisional payment request for the date, payee and amount. Verify with the design consultant the presence and conformity of the specifications of the materials stored off-site before payment

  • Create and maintain cost records throughout the life of the project that reflect all commercial contracts, supplier contracts, purchase orders, changes/change orders and other related costs

  • Prepare budget reports for inclusion in the monthly project status report

  • Collaborate with the owner/others in setting a budget for the energy consumption of the facility

  • Collaborate with the owner/others in establishing a maintenance budget for the facilities

  • Submit the final project budget status report

  • Obtaining and compiling historical cost, payment and other information for internal or external audit

  • Coordination with the owner-appointed operators of the various facilities and implementation of the operating strategy

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