Consulting Experience Company

Who are we

A Libyan limited liability company, founded by the internationally experienced and qualified consultant engineer, Mohamed Abdel Rahman Ghoula, who enjoys memberships in well-known international engineering institutions and well-known international professional organizations.

The Consulting Expertise Company provides multiple consulting services that include investment plans and feasibility studies, design, project management, implementation supervision, contract management, and dispute settlement management.


Also, The Company works to provide an integrated approach to clients in all fields in order to meet the increasing demand for advanced and guaranteed projects.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy in management and supervision is based on the best professional practices “Best Practice”, which is a mixture of international and local experiences in the areas of management, supervision and contracts such as the FIDIC International Organization for Contracts, as well as the World Bank and African Development Bank system, and the Libyan Administrative Contract Regulations regulating bids and contracts within Libya

Our message

Providing pioneering services in developing and building projects and providing an integrated approach to clients in all fields.

Our Mission

Providing an integrated approach to clients in all fields in order to meet the increasing demand for advanced and guaranteed projects

Our Values

Honesty in providing advice, commitment, accuracy, we are committed to the rules of correct work according to high standards.

Our Team

Eng. Muhammed Ghoula

Obtained a master’s degree in project management from Loughborough University, UK (Britain) in 1991 and more than 23 years of experience in project and contract management, bids, real estate investment, management and marketing of commercial, tourist and residential complexes

Eng. Abdul Rahman Ghoula

Obtained a bachelor’s degree in construction and building engineering from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in the Arab Republic of Egypt in 2016 and more than 5 years of experience in the implementation of construction projects

Our company approach

Allied companies

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