Accompanying works in accordance with the project and the nature of the contract

Supervision and management of implementation.

  • Follow up on the schedule and work programs, programs for submitting samples, catalogs, lists of equipment, labor and organizational structure submitted by the contractor, approving them, and warning of delays in the schedule, if any.
  • Reviewing and approving the workshop drawings prepared by the contractor for implementation.
  • On-site supervision of the implementation of the work and quality control, ensuring that the drawings and specific specifications are followed and directing what is necessary.
  • Preparing monthly and special reports on the progress of the projects and the problems that the implementation may face, and suggesting solutions.
  • Reviewing and approving drawings according to the port on the ground
  • Operation and maintenance manuals prepared by the contractor.
  •  and others…

Contract Management

Projects management

Preparing a basic report that defines the project’s goals, purpose, standards, estimated cost and schedule. The baseline report includes, for example, but not limited to:

Design management

  • The design phases of the project include the development of the master plan and architectural understanding by the design consultant, the preparation of sketches and the development of the design by the design consultant. When required by the phased nature of the project, there will be continuous overlap between the design and construction activities of the various components of the project, at which point a fast-track process will be implemented where possible for each specific project component.

  • Reviewing all approved design standards, the marketing covered area of the apartments and other programming and planning information, the project budget and the master program

Project financial audit

It is the planning and implementation of the financial audit of the project from the beginning of the project to its completion, including the defects liability period / warranty period according to the owner’s procedures.

The owner is assisted with billing analysis for all construction and other related project agreements.

As well as monitoring all costs incurred on the project in relation to the terms and conditions of construction or other agreements in order to maintain effective cost control of the project.

Avoid disputes and arbitration

Advice in solving contractual problems: This sensitive task includes providing advice on claims submitted to increase the duration or value of the contract, by matching them with the provisions of the contract, determining what is acceptable and what is not acceptable contractually and legally, and providing available solutions for the purpose of reaching a settlement for any disputes It may lead to business interruption or delay or increase in expenses on one of the parties.

Continuously review and monitor the compliance of all project participants with contract requirements, including insurance provisions, contract compliance certificates, expiration or other violations, and submit periodic reports on compliance to project participants as directed by the owner.

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